Mi Electric Scooter Pro

Ultra-bright headlights
An ultra-luminous headlamp for greater safety when driving at night.

Dual brake system
It has a 120 mm ventilated disc brake at the rear and an E-ABS regenerative anti-lock braking system at the front for effective braking.

Red rear lights for safe braking
Red taillights flash clearly to alert pedestrians and other vehicles on the road.

For safer driving, day and night

Discover everything at a glance
From the Bluetooth icon to the repair notices, all the important information can be seen at once and clearly.

One button, many uses
Touch the button to turn your scooter on and hold it down for three seconds to turn it off. When your scooter is on, tap once to turn the light on/off, or tap twice to switch between speed modes.

3 Speed Modes
Switches easily from ECO to Standard (D) or Sport (S) mode by pressing the power button twice.

Power and speed on your screen
The remaining power and the current speed are displayed in real time, so you can always know when to charge your scooter or drive safely.