Mi Electric Toothbrush

  • High efficiency sonic engine
  • Metal-free head
  • Multiple adaptive brushing modes
  • 18-day battery life

Greet life with a beautiful smile

Brushing your teeth may seem like a small thing, but its impact on our daily lives is surprisingly large

A normal appearance, an extraordinary performanceHigh density, metal-free anti-corrosion head
The small head uses high-density, metal-free anti-corrosion technology. The bottom of the bristles have been bonded using heat and then firmly attached to the top. Unlike ordinary heads, there is no danger of corrosion or dirt being trapped between the metal plates making the brush healthier and more environmentally friendly. It uses soft, high-quality bristles created by the American company DuPont and its technology that allows the bristles to be 40% denser.* Each bristle goes through a polishing process to create soft, rounded bristles. This ensures that they do not irritate the gums or scratch the surface of the teeth.

Three different ways to choose the right one for you
The on/off button on the My Electric Toothbrush can be used to switch between Standard Mode, Soft Mode and Custom Mode. Users can choose between the brush mode that best suits their daily cleaning needs.

Connectivity with the application for customized brushing
Our customization feature allows you to set your own brushing time, intensity, and a variety of functions to fit your daily brushing habits. With mode and function settings you can meet an even greater variety of cleaning needs.

The brush knows exactly how well you are brushing
The Mi Electric Toothbrush will help you know if you are brushing correctly. It has a high-precision accelerator that can detect the position of the brush. It monitors 6 different zones, remembering which zones you are in and how long you stay in each time you brush.*