Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

  • Suction on a continuous basis
  • 100 AW suction
  • 4 times more instantaneous suction power
  • Clean 160 ㎡ with a full load
  • Purifies emissions
  • 99.9% elimination of mites

All parts except the motor and electric brush are washable

No need for spare parts.

30 minutes long
Clean 160 ㎡ on a single charge

Captures 99.97% of dust particles.
Prevents secondary pollution

Electric dust mite brush:
A deep cleaning for mattresses and fabrics

4 multifunctional brush heads:
Cleans floors, beds and cars Even cleans your keyboard

Extra soft brush with integrated motor
It can be used on wooden floors and ceramic tiles to give your floors a thorough cleaning and remove dust and dirt from every corner.

Amazing MAX mode
Offers 4 times more suction powerYou only need 6 minutes of use to clean those hard to reach places thanks to its 4 times more suction power