Mi Smart Band 4

  • Color AMOLED touch screen
  • Monitoring of activity and swimming
  • Up to 20 days of battery life*.
  • Health monitoring

Instantly view calls, messages, notifications and the music you’re listening to.
You’ll have your hands free and won’t miss a thing.

The new AMOLED color touch screen offers more brightness and is 39.9% larger.

Power walking
5 basic data sets. helps you to improve the efficiency of walking.

Keep track of your pace and number of steps.

Recognizes 5 different swimming styles. Records 12 sets of data including swimming pace and number of strokes.

Check your heart rate in real time to make sure you're getting the best exercise while climbing a mountain road or running around town.

Fighting Ropes
Whether you're doing a high-speed combat rope workout or an aerobic rope workout, My Smart Band 4 will monitor your heart rate, calories burned and more.

Sleep Monitoring
Accurately tracks both deep and light sleep and heart rate to help you adjust your sleep patterns.

Bracelet alarm
A slight vibration will help you wake up to get the best possible start to your day.

My Fit Application
Register your health data and get the most out of your day-to-day life.